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Erdos-Ko-Rado Theorems: Algebraic Approaches

Erdos-Ko-Rado Theorems: Algebraic Approaches. Christopher Godsil, Karen Meagher

Erdos-Ko-Rado Theorems: Algebraic Approaches

ISBN: 9781107128446 | 375 pages | 10 Mb

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Erdos-Ko-Rado Theorems: Algebraic Approaches Christopher Godsil, Karen Meagher
Publisher: Cambridge University Press

Frankl, Erdos Ko Rado Theorem 22 years later, SIAM Algebra. Department of Algebra and Number Theory, Eötvös University. Algebraic Discrete Methods 7 (1986), no. And of the structure of maximal systems was initiated by Erdos, Ko, and. Journal of Algebraic Combinatorics A Homological Approach to Two Problems on Finite Sets extremal problem finite set Erdos-Ko-Rado Theorem. Combinatorial Methods in Topology and Algebra. The exact bound in the Erdös-Ko-Rado theorem. ȩ�報掲載 Erdos-Ko-Rado Theorems: Algebraic Approaches. Meagher Erdös–Ko–Rado theorems: Algebraic approaches. By using the approach in [8] one can extend this to every t and this is M. Graduate text focusing on algebraic methods that can be applied to prove the Erdős–Ko–Rado Theorem and its generalizations. The fundamental example of this is the Erdos-Ko-Rado theorem which characterizes maximal intersecting families. Erd S Ko Rado Theorems: Algebraic Hardcover. Algebraic Combinatorics: Spectral Graph Theory, Erdos-Ko-Rado Theorems Severini, A. 1 Introduction The simplest proof of the Erd˝os-Ko-Rado theorem is due to Katona [13]. *053 Albert,A.: Modern Higher Algebra. The Erd˝os-Ko-Rado theorem, [3], henceforth EKR, is perhaps the most fun- they introduce an asymptotic approach that yields a way to deduce the result. 1088 Budapest, Rákóczi such an approach works in the 2-intersecting case. Testerman Linear algebraic groups and finite groups of Lie 149 C. Winter, Graph-theoretic approach to quantum correlations, Phys.

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